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Throughout history, we have witnessed the gross spiritual abuse carried out by those that have been entrusted to lead, guide, direct, and set, by example, the standard for spiritual authority. Through great error, deception, and lack of accountability, these positions have become nothing short of twisted and perverted. Millions of Believers all over the world have become victims of all forms of abuse from spiritual authority, including:


*verbal abuse

*emotional abuse

*mental abuse

*psychological abuse

*financial abuse

*cultural/ethnic abuse

*physical abuse

*sexual abuse


It is no wonder we can see thousands, even millions, of people continue to sit at the feet of these repeat abusers, because they are perceived as the 'voice of God'. This deception causes the abused to perceive God as some sort of totalitarian tyrant, instead of a loving Creator. The progression of these abuses has led countless masses not only away from foundational religion, but also away from belief in God altogether. How do we, who are spiritual and who understand the root causes of this blatant evil, help those that have been victimized by those they were taught to wholeheartedly trust?


Join author Deborah G. Hunter on a journey into exposing the evil of spiritual abuse, so that healing, deliverance, restoration, and reconciliation can come to the betrayed and brokenhearted.






Catherine Harmon


Catherine Harmon is a mother and an author, with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. Her first book was published in 2009, entitled, I do…Until Death do us Part?  In 2017, she published another book that is established as the first book of a series entitled, Us Against the World. This book series will contain the difficulties we face when going against the world during different seasons of our lives. The first book in the series is specifically for married couples, particularly those trying to overcome difficult obstacles, but in the second book of the series, it focuses on couples who are engaged. It was because of her marriage experience that has created a passion for people to understand God’s desire for marriage, and that is to start off with His desire, so you can choose wisely when selecting a mate.


Catherine was married for nineteen years before she decided in 2017 to separate from her marriage for biblical reasons. Through her nineteen years of marriage, she gained the much needed wisdom to help couples understand the importance of a Christ-centered marriage. She is a huge advocate for marriage, but wants people to understand that both people in the marriage have to be on one accord with Christ, in order to have a healthier and successful marriage. The failures that took place in her marriage are more the reason why she wants couples to succeed, but to succeed with full understanding of God’s love.


As she goes through her current journey, she continues to write the books in this series as a healing process to completeness in God’s goodness. Her next book in the series focuses on teens and youth. Please look for the remaining books in the series, Us Against the World.

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New from Hunter Entertainment Network, "The Perfect Christmas" by Christina Childress Daoud. Have you ever wondered why we put a star or angel on a Christmas tree? Do you know why we exchange gifts or sing Christmas carols? This original Christmas story explains from where our Christmas traditions may come and why Jesus is the most important gift we can receive. A breathtaking story of the true reason of Christmas for your child to read on Christmas Eve or every night leading up to Christmas!

Ar'Nita Brown

Smeety:The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep

Paperback, $14.99

Have you ever had a hard time falling asleep? Do you toss and turn or even wiggle in bed all night? Do you often let your imagination run wild? Well, you’re not the only one my friend! Join Smeety in this hilariously fun-filled adventure where he, just like you, tries just about everything to fall asleep.


Inspirational  Music 

He Reigns Over All the Earth

Operation Rising Sun: From Seattle to Japan (Seattle Artists United) was birthed as a seed in the heart of C.L. Hunter, Founder of Hunter Entertainment Network in 2010. He felt God was telling him to bring the local Christian artists in Seattle together to do a compilation CD to give light to such a great talent in this area.


"It lay dormant until March 11, 2011 when we met with a Japanese pastor at our church Vision Conference. We met with her to pray about bringing one of our artists there to Japan to minister to the Youth. We prayed and asked God to open their hearts to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Little did any of us know that there was an earthquake and tsunami that had just ravaged the Sendai region of that country?"


"We saw the news that night and fell to our faces. God immediately revealed to us that this was why He impressed it upon his heart to bring the artists together. There was such a bigger plan than any of us could have imagined. God wanted to bring unity to a people and salvation to a nation."



"We immediately prayed and began to ask God what was next and He shared with us to ask an artist on the label to write the song. It was literally written in one day and we were in the studio two days later. Many came out to support and so many called and wanted to be on this project, but were unable to at such a short notice. We truly thank them as well, because their hearts were with us, so they are still a part of this project in our hearts."


"Great struggles and attacks came from every side, but God continued to show us the way and kept us focused on the vision and what He wanted us to do. We have partnered with a wonderful organization, Asian Access, who will be our "hands & feet" to get these donations to the local pastors in Japan to help with food, clothing and supplies, as well as to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We are so very excited for what God is doing in this country and we are humbled that He would choose us for such a project. He truly has received and will continue to receive all the glory."

The song is available for download exclusively on Asian Access, and all proceeds go directly to help support pastors throughout Asia to help rebuild communities, offer much needed aid to locals, and to support persecuted believers. Please also consider sowing into the ministry Asian Access is providing all over Asia. To know that you were a part of God's plan to bring salvation to a nation is an amazing feeling. Share with your friends & family and God bless each of you for your support. Continue to pray for healing, restoration and salvation for the Japanese people, as well as Believers all over the world. 


He Reigns Over All the Earth
Written by Fahren Johnson
Produced/Composed by Derek "DC" Clark for 253 Music Incorporated
Videographer: Isaiah and Latasha Haynes
Published by Hunter Entertainment Network 




My Journey to Freedom final front.jpg

(P) $9.99 

My Journey to Freedom

Edith Schubert Combs

We hear so many stories about the atrocities of Germany and its former leader, Chancellor Adolph Hitler, sending millions of Jews to their deaths in concentration camps, but there are other stories we don't hear much about, and these are stories of Germans that did not agree with Hitler's ideologies, or the war. The story of Edith Schubert is a story of thousands that we will never hear. A child born of German immigrants in Czechoslovakia, Edith and her family lived alongside of their Czech neighbors for hundreds of years. After the invasion of Germany into Czechoslovakia in 1938, at the age of six, Edith's life would take a drastic turn that would lead to years of death, destruction, and the fight of her life. Embark upon a journey that will reveal the life of a young woman that refused to give up. With her "guardian angel" guiding her every step of the way in MY JOURNEY TO FREEDOM: THE EDITH SCHUBERT STORY.


Many authors before publishing. dream of becoming a bestselling author. To see our name listed on Amazon, or any other outlet as a bestseller. brings with it recognition, as well as monetary gain, in some cases. Who wouldn't want to be considered a "bestselling author?"...

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