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Most likely, you did not ask for the battle you are in. You didn’t think this was going to turn into a giant (whatever the “this” is). The warfare is taking longer than you feel you have strength for. You may have thought you defeated that giant already and here it is again. You ARE afraid of your giant and have no idea how it will ever be defeated. Your mind is a constant battlefield. And friend, your victory just may not look like you thought it would. Those are all my story. It seems some people’s lives are just riddled with giants: Abuse, Lack, Fear, Doubt, Death, Jealousy, Divorce, Sickness, or Disappointment. One thing after the next.

Do you know someone like that? Is it you? Are you facing off with a giant? In some seasons, it seems you can’t throw a rock and not hit a giant in your life. Oh wait, that is what David did and he SLEW the giant in his life with one smooth stone and then used Goliath’s own sword to cut off his head. Unless you use the sword of the Word of God and cut off that tormenting giant’s head, he will continue to run his mouth. Within you my friend is “The Lion of the Tribe of Judah.” You are more fierce than you may realize. And you ARE equipped to be victorious rather than a victim.

The victory I walk in is sweeter than I could have imagined. My relationship with the Lord became stronger with each battle (let’s be truthful—eventually). And I found that giants are slain as I lean on the Lord and not my own understanding. It is possible to walk in victory before the battle is won. And you can find a place of trust and confidence in Him that will allow you to boldly say, “I Ain’t Afraid of NO Giants” even while learning not to be afraid of that

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Deborah Herbert, Author

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 Rhonda K. Jones

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Rhonda has served in ministry for the past 28 years. She has a great love for working with individuals in developing their creative gifts. Rhonda has been able to overcome many obstacles by holding onto God’s promise! Being obedient to the call of God, she relocated from Omaha, Nebraska to the Dallas area and joined the Potter’s House in September of 2006.  Ever since that day, doors have opened for her.


After joining the Potter’s House, she was appointed Mime Director, had the honor of meeting Bishop T.D. Jakes and ministering alongside him representing, “Dee the Dreamer” for his Reposition Yourself book.


Rhonda is the founder of MLM3 which stands for My Life is Ministry & Ministry is Mime. MLM3 is a ministry that teaches about living a life of holiness, choreography, make-up application, song selection, proper attire, and how to render effective Gospel presentations. She also founded GTTA: Gospel Through the Arts which combines a plethora of Christian creative artforms together to tell a story via film. Rhonda has traveled all over the world ministering, rendering workshops, presented on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show, and more.


Rhonda currently produces Creative Art Films and is the author of four books. She has obtained a Master's in Christian Education and currently pursuing her Doctorate in Community Care & Counseling. This will enable her to render dance therapy which is a lifelong dream.

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Adversting Space Available
Lion's Light International missionary organization
The Prayer Council of the United States
Family Development Enterprise, Inc.
Meals on Wheels of Horry & Georgetown



The Adventures of Gideon's Gang

Whether you are a single parent, a co-parent, a grandparent, or an adult raising children through adoption or fostering, this book will encourage your heart with the many promises of God. His commands and decrees are relevant to helping us fight battles that were never intended for us to fight alone. Exodus 14:14 says, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” God is ever at work in raising up a mighty army in each generation. Will we be faithful to teach our children to walk in His ways and prepare them to ‘Fight Right’? “For our struggles are not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12 Join author Patsy Adkisson on an exciting journey in THE ADVENTURES OF GIDEON’S GANG.

The Adventures of Gideon's Gang is based upon Patsy's fourteen grandchildren!

Author Patsy Adkission
Library of Congress
Author Patsy Adkisson and her 14 grandchildren, the inspiration for her book
Hunter Heart Kids

Hunter Heart Kids

Super Faith book
The Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ
Life Through the Eyes of a Butterfly
Extraordinary, Be the Gift
The Square Snowboy
Mama Received Her Wings

Patsy Adkisson

The Adventures of Gideon's Gang

Paperback, $19.99

Whether you are a single parent, a co-parent, a grandparent, or an adult raising children through adoption or fostering, this book will encourage your heart with the many promises of God. His commands and decrees are relevant to help us fight battles that were never intended for us to fight alone. Exodus 14:14 says, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”God is ever at work in raising up a mighty army in each generation.

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Angie Shields
Apple Music

He Reigns Over All the Earth

Operation Rising Sun: From Seattle to Japan (Seattle Artists United) was birthed as a seed in the heart of C.L. Hunter, Founder of Hunter Entertainment Network in 2010. He felt God was telling him to bring the local Christian artists in Seattle together to do a compilation CD to give light to such a great talent in this area.


"It lay dormant until March 11, 2011 when we met with a Japanese pastor at our church Vision Conference. We met with her to pray about bringing one of our artists there to Japan to minister to the Youth. We prayed and asked God to open their hearts to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Little did any of us know that there was an earthquake and tsunami that had just ravaged the Sendai region of that country?"


"We saw the news that night and fell to our faces. God immediately revealed to us that this was why He impressed it upon his heart to bring the artists together. There was such a bigger plan than any of us could have imagined. God wanted to bring unity to a people and salvation to a nation."



"We immediately prayed and began to ask God what was next and He shared with us to ask an artist on the label to write the song. It was literally written in one day and we were in the studio two days later. Many came out to support and so many called and wanted to be on this project, but were unable to at such a short notice. We truly thank them as well, because their hearts were with us, so they are still a part of this project in our hearts."


"Great struggles and attacks came from every side, but God continued to show us the way and kept us focused on the vision and what He wanted us to do. We have partnered with a wonderful organization, Asian Access, who will be our "hands & feet" to get these donations to the local pastors in Japan to help with food, clothing and supplies, as well as to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We are so very excited for what God is doing in this country and we are humbled that He would choose us for such a project. He truly has received and will continue to receive all the glory."

The song is available for download exclusively on Asian Access, and all proceeds go directly to help support pastors throughout Asia to help rebuild communities, offer much needed aid to locals, and to support persecuted believers. Please also consider sowing into the ministry Asian Access is providing all over Asia. To know that you were a part of God's plan to bring salvation to a nation is an amazing feeling. Share with your friends & family and God bless each of you for your support. Continue to pray for healing, restoration and salvation for the Japanese people, as well as Believers all over the world. 


He Reigns Over All the Earth
Written by Fahren Johnson
Produced/Composed by Derek "DC" Clark for 253 Music Incorporated
Videographer: Isaiah and Latasha Haynes
Published by Hunter Entertainment Network 

Asian Access
Amazon Music
Operation Rising Sun, From Seattle to Japan, Seattle Artists United


The Scars Tell the Story.jpg

(P) $14.99

Amy Tisdale.jpg

The Scars Tell the Story, A 30 Day Devotional From Hurt to Healing from a Stroke Survivor

Amy Tisdale

THE SCARS TELL THE STORY, a 30-Day Devotional, From Hurt to Healing from a Stroke Survivor by Amy Tisdale is a heartfelt devotional of hope and healing.


Amy suffered a massive stroke on the right side of her brain in October of 2021 that caused her left side to be virtually disabled. Amy has undergone seven brain surgeries since her stroke in 2021, becoming embarrassed by her "scars," wearing chemo caps to hide so people would not see.

Now, Amy is no longer hiding behind her scars and using her "gift" to not only help others to heal from their own, but also to share the GREATEST STORY EVER of a Man with His own scars that was crucified to give us Life and Life More Abundantly!


May you be encouraged by Amy’s courage and tenacity to share such an intimate part of her life and journey. A true story of hope and healing!

Amy Tisdale.jpg

Amy is a wife, mom, travel agent, and Sunday school teacher. She has been married to Matt since 1998 and they have two wonderful children (Rebecca & Caleb plus an amazing son-in-love, Bryan).


Amy currently resides in Oklahoma. Amy is a stroke survivor . She loves reading, traveling, hosting get togethers with friends, cooking, and playing card and board games.


She spends most of her time working or attending therapies to recover from her stroke. 


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Men's & Women's Devotionals Volume 3
Children's Books

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Travis & Tiffany Tombre
Tiffany Tombre Journals
Tiffany Tombre, Author


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Lion's Light International
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