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Hunter Entertainment Network exists as more than just a publishing company, production team, and media outlet. As we purpose to "Offer God's Heart to a Dying World" through the inspired gifts of writing, music, and movies, we desire to give back to this same effort through some very important Missionary & Humanitarian organizations around the world. Please read their Mission statements below and visit their websites to learn more about these most important causes around the globe.


Our Vision

"To see a vibrant community of servant leaders with vision, character, and competence leading the church across Asia."


Our Mission

"To identify, develop, and release emerging kingdom leaders to unite the church, multiply leaders, and congregations, and extend the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."


President, Joe Handley

In 2011, after the devastating earthquake/tsunami that hit the Sendai region of Japan, Hunter Entertainment Network partnered with Asian Access to supply immediate assistance to pastors on the ground with resources to help thousands of displaced residents with water, food, clothes, and shelter, along with emotional and spiritual support. Founder & CEO, Chris Hunter gathered a group of local Seattle artists, producers & musicians to compile a single entitled, "He Reigns Over All the Earth" on the project Operation Rising Sun, From Seattle to Japan: Seattle Artists United. 100% of the proceeds from this song have been distributed to Asian Access and will continue to be for the life of the song for long-term support efforts, especially in the area of nuclear exposure from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant breach. Thank you for your continued support in the purchasing of this phenomenal song, but more importantly, please keep the Sendai region of Japan in your prayers, as efforts will continue for decades to come. 

"He Reigns Over All The Earth" music video:

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Blog post interview with CEO, C.L. Hunter: 

The Love Center: Loving God, Loving Self, Loving Others


With over 65 million Believers walking away from the Church due to hurt, betrayal, disappointment, and abuse of every kind, how do we encourage these precious souls in the faith? Is it possible for such hurt to be healed and a true, authentic transformation take place in people's lives? Through the agape love of Jesus and compassionate hearts of mankind, many are finding joy once again in their faith. 

"The reality is, I don't even know... it's truly a walk of faith." ~S.W. Banks



Founder, Steven W. Banks 

Our Mission

Lion's Light International exists to extend prayer and a global voice of encouragement, exhortation, and edification through instilling help, hope, healing, and the Heart of Jesus.  

"Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying:  I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life." John 8:12 (NKJV) 


Founder, Lori Bleiweiss-Medina


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