Steven W. Banks, Author "Healing the Father Wound"

Deborah Hunter is a talented and skilled editor, who exhibited professionalism of the highest caliber and performed admirably under a tight schedule, enabling us to complete on time without compromising on the quality of work. Her display of dependability, excellence, and diligence throughout the entire project spoke volumes about her heart and work ethic, and I recommend her company without reservation. 

Iris Long, Author

"Showered By Grace"

Working with Hunter Entertainment Network has been a wonderful blessing. Deborah Hunter guided me through the process of publishing my story and I couldn't be happier with the finished project. Her support, her encouragement, her suggestions, and her patience before the book was ready to be published and printed was greatly appreciated. Professional, trustworthy, and committed to excellence is what stands out in my association with this company. 

Angie Shields, Singer

"I Believe"

When I first became connected with Hunter Entertainment Network, I was a new artist that had great potential, but needed a lot of guidance. Working with Chris & Deborah Hunter has truly been a God connection. They have invested not only in my music, but into me as a person. They have pushed me to be the best I can be both musically and spiritually, not just in their words, but even more in their actions.