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Steven W. Banks

Steven W. Banks, Author "Healing the Father Wound"

Deborah Hunter is a talented and skilled editor, who exhibited professionalism of the highest caliber and performed admirably under a tight schedule, enabling us to complete on time without compromising on the quality of work. Her display of dependability, excellence, and diligence throughout the entire project spoke volumes about her heart and work ethic, and I recommend her company without reservation. 

Iris Long

Iris Long, Author

"Showered By Grace"

Working with Hunter Entertainment Network has been a wonderful blessing. Deborah Hunter guided me through the process of publishing my story and I couldn't be happier with the finished project. Her support, her encouragement, her suggestions, and her patience before the book was ready to be published and printed was greatly appreciated. Professional, trustworthy, and committed to excellence is what stands out in my association with this company. 

Angie Shields

Angie Shields, Singer

"I Believe"

When I first became connected with Hunter Entertainment Network, I was a new artist that had great potential, but needed a lot of guidance. Working with Chris & Deborah Hunter has truly been a God connection. They have invested not only in my music, but into me as a person. They have pushed me to be the best I can be both musically and spiritually, not just in their words, but even more in their actions. 

Mike Hendrick.jpg

Mike Hendrick, Author "Conquering the Fear Pandemic"

Deborah and her team assisted me with my first book. They were professional and easy to deal with and made my first book a great success. They assisted me when I needed help and gave some very good advice. I highly recommend them for all your editing and publishing needs. They worked within my budget, too. Thanks Deborah... I am so glad I connected with you, and I look forward to doing another book in the future with you.

Senator Roland W. Burris

Senator Roland W. Burris, Author "The Man Who Stood Up to be Seated"

Deborah Hunter and Hunter Entertainment Network worked diligently and professionally on my first book, my life memoir, and exceeded my expectations. From the professional editing of 524 pages to the book layout, including a 70- page photo section of my life's work, I have something beautiful to leave my children, grandchildren, and generations to come. Well done Deborah and staff!

Lori'Jèan Medina

Lori'Jèan Medina, Author "Biblical Truths from a Spiritual Perspective"

Working with Hunter Entertainment Network has been an exceptional experience. They were very patient, leading us every step of the way with encouragement, edification, and exhortation to get our very first book published. Their professionalism and guidance were to be praised. Thank you, Deborah Hunter, for believing in our ministry and helping to get God's healing graces through this book around the world.
Rhonda Jones.jpg

Rhonda Jones, Author "What Broke Me Also Built Me"

Hunter Entertainment Network provided quality work and the service was of great excellence. I did not have to worry about my project being in their hands. This company paid so much attention to detail, that they contacted me about a part that I missed. This showed me that they really cared about my story and my book. I would not have known that anything was missing. I highly recommend Hunter Entertainment Network because the work is of great quality, reasonable turnaround time and the staff is so kind! 
Tiffany Tombre

Tiffany Tombre, Author "A Closer Walk With Jesus"

When God called me to write, I remember thinking, "God you’re going to have to make the impossible, POSSIBLE." Shortly after I gave my "yes" to God, I was connected to Hunter Entertainment Network through one of the pastors at my local church. My involvement with this business has been fantastic! I appreciate and honor their heart to fulfill the call on their life through this business and to help others fulfill their call in advancing the Kingdom for God's glory! They have helped me along my journey with writing and publishing.
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Caleb Cooper, Author "Battle Ready Remnant"

I have had the amazing opportunity to work with Hunter Entertainment Network and specifically Deborah G. Hunter who has published 5 books for me. This company is infused with integrity, strives to walk in a spirit of excellence, and is led by the conviction of the Holy Spirit. They have an unprecedented turnaround on publishing that defies all odds and rivals all major publishing companies.
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