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Psalmists & Minstrels Returning

I get a lot of people forwarding me the newest “Gospel” music often, telling me how amazing it is and to check it out. I have to be absolutely transparent. The majority of this music today does not speak to my spirit. Sadly, you cannot really tell the difference anymore between “gospel” or “Christian” music and secular music. Even in our churches, we have created a carnal & worldly atmosphere of lights, smoke & entertainment and a “concert-like” approach to worship, that we don’t even realize we’re not worshipping God, but worshipping the music and the experience.

I moved away tremendously from listening to what we call “Gospel” & “Christian” music several years ago. I heard the LORD say that the Church needs to get back more to the instruments of worship, the gentle and calming sounds that reverberated throughout the lands in earlier history. A place where we’re able to meditate upon His goodness, instead of being distracted by loud noise, lights and a person that has to “lead” us into His “presence” with repetitious lyrics. There are some incredibly beautiful songs sung to the LORD, but the overall scope of “worship” in today’s church and music is NOT true Worship. God is seeking the “gifts” of minstrels and psalmists to return to the Church. There are “sounds of Heaven” that have been stifled due to the modern-day worship “model” we’ve established in the Church. Psalmists & minstrels are gifted to set the atmosphere for people to hear the voice of the Lord, as well as true prophetic release from Heaven. It also sets the atmosphere for true healing and deliverance.

Psalmists and minstrels are sensitive to Holy Spirit and are trained to hear the voice and “sound” of God as He leads. We need to ask God to reveal them to us and release them in the Church today. Many are “gifted” to sing songs and play instruments, but where are the “GIFTS” that have been called by God Himself to release the sound of Heaven as David did? He was created by God to worship! He was a psalmist and a minstrel. He released psalms from his heart to the LORD as a young boy and worshipped through his harp. He was known as a worshipper to the extent that they called upon him to go to King Saul and “release the sound of Heaven” to drive out a tormenting spirit! My God!!! How we need this in this hour! How many being tormented and oppressed by demons and evil spirits can be delivered through these gifts??? And how many are being tormented and oppressed even the more by carnal and worldly music and dancing coming across our pulpits??? The sacred NEEDS to be released, the Holy NEEDS to be reinstated, and the carnal/profane MUST be corrected and, in some cases, rebuked!!! SET THEM DOWN!!!! GET THEM OUT OF THE PULPITS!

And it came to pass, when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, that David took an harp, and played with his hand: so Saul was refreshed, and was well, and the evil spirit departed from him.” 1 Samuel 16:23

We also see that the gift of the minstrel created an atmosphere for the prophet Elisha to prophesy.

But now bring me a minstrel. And it came to pass, when the minstrel played, that the hand of the Lord came upon him.” 2 Kings 3:15

We have so many “prophets” simply releasing carnal, flesh-filled words that are NOT from the LORD, NOT from the SPIRIT, and NOT true, prophetic utterances from Heaven! I am so adamant about true authentic gifts in the Body of Christ! We were created to work together in unity led by the Spirit of God to build, encourage, edify, and empower God’s people, but because it has been so perverted, people remain in bondage and torment. People NEED to hear the “sound” and “voice” of Heaven in these last days to PREPARE and get in POSITION! You may get a lot of people mad, but it’s past time to set many of these “praise and worship leaders,” musicians, and dancers down in the Church and get on your face seeking God for HIS psalmists and HIS minstrels! And while we’re down there on our faces, seek Him for HIS true shepherds and HIS true prophets... HIS CALLED!!! We NEED them in POSITION!

Original post by Deborah G. Hunter/Publisher

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