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The purpose of this book is to inspire, motivate, and energize women of God to seek their highest potential. As an author, woman, and a mother, I seek to challenge women of God to see themselves beyond the designation of mother or wife. We are often depicted with these societal titles, and we take pride in being a good wife or a good mother. We are all those things, but we are truly more. We are blessed, ordained, and anointed by God! These titles do not represent the totality of your essence. They do not represent the totality of who you are as women. They are but a small fraction.

As you read the words therein, my prayer is that you take time to connect of course with the Lord, but also with yourself and to see yourself the way your Heavenly Father sees you! This devotional will enable you to unlock what is buried deep within you, so that you can walk in all confidence not only as a woman of God, but simply as a woman. Join us in Women of Faith: Searching, Soaring & Sharing.

Women of Faith: Searching, Soaring & Sharing

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