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With all the devastation, destruction, infection, and isolation that is happening around the world, most of these atrocities came because of the virus (Covid), people are carrying foul spirits. These spirits are destructive to you and those who are around you, especially the ones you spend the most time with; these can be your spouse, friends, co-workers, and many others. I want to encourage you that you don’t have to carry these spirits such as anger, wrath, jealousy, envy, strife, and many more that are mentioned in this book. I want to share with you the Good News in the Bible that the Lord has made a way that you don’t have to carry such a spirit that will destroy you and others. The Lord has given us the Fruit of the Spirit that brings joy and hope, and that Spirit is the Excellent Spirit of God (Holy Spirit).

Delve into the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding contained within these pages and learn how to combat these foul spirits and walk in the freedom given to you by Christ Jesus! You will come out with the power and authority you were ordained to walk in on this Earth as children of the Most High God!

What Spirit are You Carrying, a Foul Spirit or an Excellent Spirit?

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