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Many times, we miss the brokenness and trauma within a person because they still minister with a smile. You'll see my journey behind the scenes of creative arts in the Church, ebbs, flows, and lessons learned. The enemy works extra hard to keep Christian artists discouraged, frustrated, stressed, and even depressed. Because the gospel arts are powerful enough to change the trajectory of someone's life, renew a soul, and soften a hardened heart, spiritual warfare is always present. The times you have given up probably equal the times you have started again. The times you have felt weak probably equal the times you have felt strong. Through shame, betrayal, envy, self-doubt, and comparison, you are still standing!

God takes broken pieces and makes them whole. The gift and greatness you carry is meant to bless nations! Walk in it because WITH GOD YOU ARE WINNING! So, creatives, GO CREATE!

What Broke Me Also Built Me

SKU: 979-8852188083
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