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Since the inception of Creation, the unity of marriage has been under attack and it has not stopped since. Over time, the enemy has been just as creative to destroy marriages, as it did when it entered the Garden of Eden. However, the enemy today has more tools than ever to use against marital unity. With the bombardment of media from television shows to movies, and from social media to magazines, we are seeing the greatest threat to God ordained union between man and woman. How do we stand during these most trying times? Can I forgive my spouse that cheated on me? Who can I turn to that will give me wise counsel? How can I be the husband/wife God has called me to be? What is God’s will for marriage? These questions and many more are asked on a daily basis by married couples all over the world, and God desires to answer each and every one of them for you. Join author Catherine Harmon on a transparent journey into the realities of marriage, the good, the bad, and the ugly. No matter what you are facing in your marriage, God desires to work it out for your good. Whether you are struggling, ready to give up, contemplating divorce, or even if you are already divorced, this book will offer you the infinite wisdom of God concerning His will for marriage.

Us Against the World

SKU: 978-1937741396
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