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All throughout the Bible, we see men and women with great promises from the Lord, but we also witness the pain, struggle, trials, temptations & tribulations they had to go through in order to reach their Promised Land.

Many want the Promise without the Process, but God desires to produce the fruit of the Spirit within us, so that we are able to walk humbly in His promise for our lives. In "The Wilderness", author Deborah G. Hunter reveals the heart of God for His people in this painful, but necessary season in their lives. It was through brokenness, tremendous loss, submission & worship that Job, and many others in the Bible, received their promise, but they first had to endure their "process" before they could receive all that God purposed for their lives.

Hunter shares her own personal tests & trials in her "wilderness" over a period of five years, which is sure to inspire & encourage any believer!

This book will share topics, such as:

  • Predestined for Purpose
  • Drenched: The Place of Submerging
  • From the Mountaintop to the Valley
  • The Beauty of Brokenness
  • The Wall of Worship.....and much more!

The Wilderness

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