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Seventeen-year-old Ashaya is growing up trying to make a name for herself. She went through many struggles in her childhood at an incredibly early age, but that never stopped her from chasing her dream of becoming a lawyer. Ashaya could never really keep friends, but she had a few that stuck beside her through her tough times. She was never the party type, but she would dibble and dabble when she could. She was extremely outgoing, but very blunt and bold. She was not a popular person, but she was very known because of how bold she was. Ashaya would get into a lot of trouble coming up and in high school because of how bold she was, it tended to get her into a lot of drama.

Ashaya began to grow as a person and stayed to herself; she soon began focusing on college and her future. That did not mean that she didn’t have trouble along the way; school, family, and friends soon started to become an obstacle that she could not overcome. Ashaya is about to graduate and jump into the big world; she had so many dreams that she wanted to pursue but so little time. Jump in and take the journey with Ashaya as she tries to become an adult while also trying to get away from all the toxicity in her life.

Join author Zaniya Getret on her journey as a teenager growing into a woman in "THE WARRIOR".


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