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THE SCARS TELL THE STORY, a 30-Day Devotional, From Hurt to Healing from a Stroke Survivor by Amy Tisdale is a heartfelt devotional of hope and healing. Amy suffered a massive stroke on the right side of her brain in October of 2021 that caused her left side to be virtually disabled. Amy has undergone seven brain surgeries since her stroke in 2021, becoming embarrassed by her "scars," wearing chemo caps to hide so people would not see.

Now, Amy is no longer hiding behind her scars and using her "gift" to not only help others to heal from their own, but also to share the GREATEST STORY EVER of a Man with His own scars that was crucified to give us Life and Life More Abundantly! May you be encouraged by Amy’s courage and tenacity to share such an intimate part of her life and journey. A true story of hope and healing!

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The Scars Tell the Story

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