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When puberty hit me at such a young age, I didn’t fit in anywhere. My mind was too immature to fit in with the girls who looked like me, and my body was too developed to fit in with the girls my age. I felt lost, awkward, and alone. Then, I met Ms. Tonda Hobbs, my new fifth-grade teacher. She had the smile of an angel, and a way of making everyone feel special. I felt important when I was with her, she made me feel like I belonged. Maybe she viewed me as a caterpillar wrapped tightly in a protective cocoon, and she knew to handle me carefully, so that one day I could emerge a strong beautiful butterfly.

Please know that you have a lasting impact on every child in your life. Especially if you hold a place of authority over them. The impact that you have as a person of authority in a child’s life is everlasting, whether it is a good impression or a bad one. It will never go away and will forever be woven into the person that they become. Choose your words and actions wisely.

The Ring, a Tribute

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