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This book will function as an anointed leadership guide for those desiring to be equipped to raise up leaders and influence followers in a God honoring way. We live in a tragic hour in the earth where many people are being placed in positions of leadership and given immense authority based on their gifting, while their lack of character goes ignored. This book will address main key principles of leadership, while consistently encouraging the need to be sensitive to the presence of God. The Greatest Leader of All Time is the Lord Jesus Christ; therefore, the Word of God must be the moral compass and governing guide in which leaders are equipped and followers are influenced. God is raising up a generation of leaders in the last days with a laser focus to see right through counterfeit leadership that lacks authenticity, exposing the contradictions of leadership language that does not match the lifestyle. They refuse to live a life of hypocrisy and double standards that create double-minded followers. May Holy Spirit use this book as an explosive resource challenging you to answer "The Call for Strong Godly Leadership in the Earth!”

The Call for Strong Godly Leadership

SKU: 979-8745530944
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