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Before you say, “Yes to the dress,” there are 21 Conversations you should have with your spouse-to-be. As a Master Level Marriage Coach, I have worked with couples that never had The Real Conversation. I have spent the last six years restoring marriages with the primary focus on strategic communication. The Real Conversation is a discussion prior to sitting with your pastor; it’s the conversation you should have prior to purchasing the ring when you think this is certainly the one. Remember, communication, real authentic communication, will teach you as much about yourself as it does about your significant other, so be present. Sit with your spouse-to-be over coffee, tea, or a quaint breakfast or dinner, and ask the honest questions and share transparently with one another as you journal together your thoughts. You both will be glad you took this time to have Real Conversations for Couples Before the Rings. You are setting your marriage up for success!

Real Conversations for Couples Before the Rings

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