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My family consists of two parents, two grandparents, two brothers, three aunts, one uncle, and a host of cousins. The family not only includes blood relatives, but I am also blessed with friends that I consider family. I am truly blessed to have a wonderful “Family Village.” My family—my village—consists of generations from Baby Boomers to Gen Z, which means I am influenced by people born between 1946-2015. As a Gen Z born in 2005, this gives me viewpoints, perspectives, and wisdom of those born in the 1940’ till the present. Sometimes, it’s confusing, interesting, and definitely humorous. Let’s examine my family journey from the boomers my grandparents from 1946- 1964. The GenXers—my aunts—1965-1976, the Millennials—my parents —1977-1995, to the GenZer’s—me, my brothers, uncles, and cousins—1996-2015.

So much of our history, ancestry, and family lineage is lost from one generation to the next, especially in today’s fast paced and detached society. Join Jesse James Merrells, III as he honors his family legacy and reveals how truly important it is to remember the family you were born into and its place in history.


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