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Have you ever, after hearing about a bad decision that someone made, said something like, “If I was her, I would’ve…?” Well, guess what! Although you will never be her, you can think for her. The only caveat though is that you will first have to think like Christ. In That Moment… Finish It! is a finished book containing the unfinished stories of nine fictional women. Though fictional, these nine women face real-life issues – issues that none of us are immune to. None of the nine dilemmas may ever darken the doorsteps of your life personally, but what about your sister, your mother, your friend, the neighbor, or the stranger that you might meet? What is gleaned from this book might not be applicable to you, but it could be the answer that someone close to you might need… in that moment.

I pray that you will enjoy finishing the stories on your own, along with your best friend, your book club, or your Women’s Bible Study group.

In that Moment... Finish It!

SKU: 979-8853178724
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