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Through the healing power of Jesus Christ, we can find the strength and courage to forgive those people and press well beyond those situations and circumstances that have tried to destroy the sanctity and sanity of our lives. At times, we are afforded the opportunity to come face to face with offenders, having verbal expression of forgiveness, sometimes a letter may need to be written due to safety reasons, or even the reality of estrangement or death. Other times, we must make that intentional choice to forgive the one who never admitted, apologized, or cared to even acknowledge their wrong. Either way, the value of forgiveness is immeasurable, indescribable, and yields such powerful fruit for healing sake. There is no denying that hurt is real, pain is powerful, and healing can seem to sit at such a far distance, even giving the appearance of impossible. So much so that most people can't fathom the effort toward freedom and feel as though the plague and bondage of pain and sorrow give the impression as forever. My prayer and heart's desire is that sharing my story will help to encourage others and remind them they are not alone. And most importantly, that the real deal unconditional love of God expressed through it will take hold to the hearts and minds that dare reach for Him; therefore, receiving the empowerment necessary to fight for their divine right to healing and wholeness, and all the beauty it yields.

Hurting to Heal

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