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The Bible was written over 2000 years ago. Over the centuries, we have come to grow extremely fond of the biblical characters we have been introduced to by some of the greatest scribes in history. Within the biblical stories of these women, we are afforded a front row seat to peer into their lives: good, bad, ugly, or indifferent. We are able to learn from their lessons, discern through their difficulties, and wield from the wisdom shared not only at the hands of the writers, but also through the breath and voice of the Spirit of the Living God. Each and every woman mentioned in the Bible is of great significance, even if only her name is written.

Join 40 women writers of the 21st century that will share on the lives of these biblical women and how their lives have been impacted by these heroines in Daughters of Destiny, a View of Biblical Heroines through the Eyes of 21st Century Women, a 40 Writer Collaboration, Volume 2.

Daughters of Destiny, Volume 2

SKU: 978-1937741051
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