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A Controversial Book on Adultery in our Pulpits: "The Last Pew" by Sophia Vilceus

When we were first contacted by Sophia concerning publishing her book, "The Last Pew: Journeying Back to God's Will After an Affair," we had some immediate reservations. What will people think? We may get a lot of hate mail, etc. We may lose some of our authors. We prayed and sought Holy Spirit if we were to, indeed, publish her book. He said, "Yes." As we read Sophia's story, our hearts went out to her. We could hear the true cry of her heart, as one seeking someone to love her. We look to women that fall into sexual sin as "whores" or "home wreckers," but never seek to look deeper to find out what is hidden within the hearts of these women. In finding out that she was secretly involved with a pastor, we became angry, not at her, but at this man who felt it was okay to not only commit adultery, but to stand in front of his church day in and day out, as if everything was okay. We crucify the women (the lay members), yet we brush under the rug the sin committed in our sacred pulpits by spiritual leadership.

As Sophia beautifully states in this video, let's not be quick to judge these women, but to minister healing, deliverance, forgiveness, and yes, wholeness to their lives, so they are able to see their value. It is God's desire for us ALL to be free from our sin. If you know of anyone dealing with sexual sin: adultery, fornication, homosexuality, or any other secret sexual sin, lead them to this book. As Sophia stated to us when we first spoke, she explained she was seeking help and looking in church bookstores everywhere for a book dealing with this topic, but found none. May hers be the first where women and men, as well as pastors alike, can find themselves within these pages and begin to heal and find forgiveness and unconditional love from Jesus. The conversations will be had!

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