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The simple fact is singleness is not a disease and we must not treat it as a burden. There are so many things we can do freely as singles without the responsibility of answering to anyone. It's a time of self discovery which will surface our likes, dislikes, insecurities, strengths, dreams and much more. I have found that singleness is a gift that many try to avoid. Interestingly enough, there are sublevels of attitude toward singleness.

For some, singleness is considered a curse which carries with it much stress. For some, as time passes, the feelings of desperation increases which leads to many wrong choices. For some, they receive I feel sorry for you pity from married people which could magnify resentment. For some, loneliness becomes an unwanted companion. The key is to find joy and connection in this life other than depending on a person to make us happy.
Yes, singleness can be bitter-sweet but savor the sweetness! Become purpose driven and focus on fulfilling it. Discover the blessings and opportunities of singleness. We have the gift of TIME to go after the things of God!

Why Are You Still Single?

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