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When I Rise I Worship is designed to assist those who have struggled to develop and maintain an authentic daily devotional life. Whether this struggle is due to lack of time, limited time, mismanagement of time or just not knowing how to get started; this devotional is just the tool you need. Its format is user-friendly and time-conscious while still providing relatable, applicable and provoking nuggets from the Word of God. Each day has a scripture and an exhortation called Life Worship. To eliminate the need for multiple books usable journal pages are included providing a special place to jot down your thoughts, notes and prayers. Lastly, to keep you connected and communing with God as your week winds down; day six and seven are combined as a short-targeted time of scriptural study and reflection called Worship and Study. Also includes a four week in depth study guide to assist you in your times of meditation, growth and intimacy.

When I Rise I Worship

SKU: 978-1937741297
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