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Falling in love with someone is a great experience and we all have fallen in love at least once in our lifetime. It may have been anywhere from a puppy love to I want to marry you love. For some of us, we may have experienced love more than once and each time have either learned something wonderful from it or have been hurt by it. Regardless of how you have experienced love, the question that is always asked is, “Is this true love?” How do you know if what you have with someone is true love? The world has many versions of what love is and some are false versions and some are deceitful versions, but there is only one true genuine love that cannot be duplicated, misconstrued, or misunderstood and that is God’s love. When you have this kind of love in your relationship, then you have true genuine love for one another. Come experience how Author Catherine Harmon breaks this love down into every area of an engaged couple’s life that should be examined and identified as true love, before saying,” I do.” As an engaged couple, you want to make absolutely certain that you will have the kind of love that will come up against the attacks that will arise when you are married. Not only will this book have useful insight to identify your love in each other, but the book will also challenge you with questions that should be answered in the most honest way, in order to be transparent and up front before taking the final step of commitment.

Us Against the World, Before Saying, "I Do," Knowing True Love

SKU: 978-1937741150
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