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The focus of this book is to help teens and young adults discover that meaningful relationship with God and help them along the way on their journey to adulthood. The devil's plan is to rob you of your identity, kill your dreams, and destroy the life that God has for you. This book is not about the right and wrong things to do at this age, it is about really leaning on God's love and understanding to help you overcome the things that come up that make you feel like it is just you Against the World. It may feel like it is you up Against the World, but there is a loving God who wants to be right next to you through it all and help you conquer the struggles you will face. Not only does He want to help you conquer the struggles, but He wants you to come as you are. He loves you no matter what you do or do not do, but if you let Him, He will help you transition from a teen to an adult graciously with all His love towards you. We hope you will be blessed and touched by the ministry given to you. You may or may not be naturally rebellious, but what is important for you to know is that you are so loved by God.

Us Against the World: Naturally Rebellious, but Loved

SKU: 979-8640825343
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