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On November 4, 2008, the world watched history unfold. Some watched in despair; some in joy; but all in amazement. In his eighteen-minute, history-making acceptance speech, the nation s newly-elected, 44th President, Barack Obama, cautioned the world that the challenges tomorrow will be the greatest of our lifetime. Little did Roland Burris know how accurately those words described the rough and acrimonious time that soon would overshadow his own successful thirty-year political career? The challenges he would face during that tumultuous period would be among the greatest of his lifetime. It is a known fact that being the first of anything comes with a price. However, having been a trailblazer all his life, a destiny which he sincerely believes was one that was assigned to him, not one he personally chose, he can tell you the strides accomplished were well-worth the anguish. Join Roland W. Burris on the journey of his life and career in 'The Man Who Stood Up to Be Seated: The Memoirs of Roland W.Burris'.

The Man Who Stood Up to be Seated

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