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The train ride is a new and exciting adventure for you as you let your imagination take you to the outer limits of your soul, beauty, and mind. It is speaking the reality of life itself, in a world brought to print.You are getting into the rhythm of songs and praise in a different set-ting than inside the Church. As you realize, you are the temple of God. You are challenging yourself daily to operate in God’s divine will. It is allowing yourself to express the gifts and talents that can be brought out in song and poetry—allowing the reader to cultivate and respond to utilizing their gifts to be taken to a higher level. As you allow yourself to be still and focus, you can then express what God has placed inside of you since the world’s foundation. We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.God is the author of our creativity, and we must seek out what is within. Our cup is overflowing with gifts and talents that God has given to us. The train will send your imagination out to the stars and beyond on the Heaven-Bound Train.

The Heaven Bound Train

SKU: 979-8578031250
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