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In the Beginning, the Creator fashioned man and woman in the Garden as His glorious Bride. He desired a people He could walk with in the cool of the Day, in fellowship and communion. Upon the fall of man, this covenant was broken, and mankind was now thrust into darkness. Though Father cursed the man and woman for treason, there was still a promise within Creation to "be fruitful, to multiply, to replenish, to subdue, and to have dominion." Man and woman were still able to procreate and fill the Earth as commanded by their Creator. Their earthly union of marriage would solidify and carry on the plan and strategy of their Heavenly Father to populate the Earth. Yet, there was a greater plan set in motion by the Creator to redeem fallen man and to restore him to his rightful position in the Garden. He extended His "own arm" into the Earth realm and His Spirit hovered once again over the expanse and fell upon a spotless and pure vessel. The Christ child was conceived into the womb of the Earth, Emmanuel, God with us. The Son of God became the Son of Man to redeem, restore, and reconcile His Bride back to Himself.

Join author Deborah G. Hunter as she partners with the Spirit of God to uncover and unravel the breathtaking beauty, symbolism, and mystery of THE BRIDE, a Prophetic Manifestation in the Earth.

The Bride, a Prophetic Manifestation

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