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The narrative of Lazarus in the Bible is a story of patience, process, perseverance, purpose, and ultimately, the promise of God to resurrect the “dead things” in our lives. When Lazarus passed, Mary and Martha sent for Jesus to come, as they were fully expecting He would heal and raise him from the dead. They had witnessed countless healings and miracles performed by Jesus, so why would this be any different. Lazarus was loved deeply by Him, and both sisters knew this intimately. Why did Jesus take so long to come?

What has happened in your life that you feel God is taking too long to step in and change? What are the "dead things" in your life that are in need of resurrection? In Resurrection Fire: Where Dead Things Come Alive, join with the author as she shares her intimate and transparent life story of abandonment, abuse, and affliction on her journey toward RESURRECTION LIFE! A true-life story of hope and healing.

Resurrection Fire

SKU: 979-8791038562
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