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We hear so many stories about the atrocities of Germany and its former leader, Chancellor Adolph Hitler, sending millions of Jews to their deaths in concentration camps, but there are other stories we don't hear much about, and these are stories of Germans that did not agree with Hitler's ideologies, or the war. The story of Edith Schubert is a story of thousands that we will never hear. A child born of German immigrants in Czechoslovakia, Edith and her family lived alongside of their Czech neighbors for hundreds of years. After the invasion of Germany into Czechoslovakia in 1938, at the age of six, Edith's life would take a drastic turn that would lead to years of death, destruction, and the fight of her life. Embark upon a journey that will reveal the life of a young woman that refused to give up. With her "guardian angel" guiding her every step of the way in MY JOURNEY TO FREEDOM: THE EDITH SCHUBERT STORY.

My Journey to Freedom: The Edith Schubert Story

SKU: 978-1937741167
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