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This book comprises of portions of the "new wine" contained in a "new wine skins." I will attempt to show you how the five-fold offices exist for the execution of God's plan for the Church. They are set in place for the purpose of fulfilling the mandate that Christ gave, which is to make ready a people prepared for the Lord In the Church today, it is still God's design to have apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers present. None of the five-fold offices are better than another. They are just different functions. However, if the Church is to operate and function as God ordained it to, it is vitally important that the original, biblical pattern be restored. Just as the Early Church was established and strengthened through apostolic decrees, the End Time Church will benefit from the office of the apostle with its ability to stand in truth. My prayer is that in some way, something from this book or my story can strengthen you to forge ahead in a spirit of victory no matter what comes your way. If I can do this, then I have left something for others to build upon that will help build Mission Minded Leaders that will change this generation through the love and power of Christ!

Mission Minded Leaders

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