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In an age where so much chaos and confusion has enveloped our world, where do we turn for answers? The Church is seen as the only answer, but where do we turn as Believers when even the Church is lost and confused? Jesus, as He ascended into Glory, commanded His disciples to tarry, or wait, for another....Holy Spirit. He knew they could not witness of His Resurrection without His power, His authority, on the inside of them. Many denominations do not believe in Holy Spirit; many choose to omit these very scriptures from their teachings, but if we are to walk in the full power and authority of God in this earth, we MUST consider the "full counsel" of God's Word and implement it all in our daily lives. Who is Holy Spirit? What is His assignment in our lives; in the earth? Join author Deborah G. Hunter on a miraculous journey into the purpose of the One, The Promise, left for God's people. An in depth study that will transform your walk with God, including:

    • The Person of Holy Spirit
    • The Purpose of Holy Spirit
    • The Position of Holy Spirit
    • The Power of Holy Spirit
    • The Promise of Holy Spirit
    • The Partnership of Holy Spirit and Much More!

Holy Spirit: The Promise Left for the Believer

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