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Have you found yourself stuck in a constant cycle of hurt, disappointment, and betrayal? Your past seems to hinder and haunt you, causing you to wonder if you can ever truly find happiness. Successful friendships, peaceful relationships, or even family harmony seem to evade you causing you to feel as if there is no hope. The ecstasy that comes with a new relationship seems to bring about additional anxiety due to past experiences. The voice within whispers the unspoken, “What’s wrong with me” and “Who can I trust?”


These questions and feelings are not an anomaly, but most common. However, for these common questions, I know the answer. There is a Balm in Gilead! Healing for the spirit and the soul.


Join with me, as we expose, erase, and equip you with tools to overcome in areas that you have been overwhelmed. Join me and together, we will erase the dangerous fault lines in your life!

Erasing Dangerous Fault Lines, From Victim to Victor

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