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Celebrate… the gift of You! is yet another must have enlightening book which educates readers of all ages of how God has revealed to humanity through his Word that the Kingdom of Heaven is a place of continual celebration, and how it is a Scriptural mandate to promote, sponsor, educate and leave a legacy of heavenly celebration in the midst of His people. God has empowered us to celebrate our individual triumphs, goals and personal objectives without the stigma of social and Ecclesiastical prohibitions, which have hindered God’s children to vastly rejoice in their personal, exclusive victories. You will be spiritually and mentally free to celebrate in God’s presence by discovering your “me factor.” Ultimately, you will have a higher revelation of God’s designed intent for your life, so that you can cultivate an atmosphere of divine celebration in all you do.

Celebrate... the Gift of YOU!

SKU: 978-1937741-68-6
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