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Throughout history, we have witnessed the gross spiritual abuse carried out by those that have been entrusted to lead, guide, direct, and set, by example, the standard for spiritual authority. Through great error, deception, and lack of accountability, these positions have become nothing short of twisted and perverted. Millions of Believers all over the world have become victims of all forms of abuse from spiritual authority, including:


*verbal abuse

*emotional abuse

*mental abuse

*psychological abuse

*financial abuse

*cultural/ethnic abuse

*physical abuse

*sexual abuse


It is no wonder we can see thousands, even millions, of people continue to sit at the feet of these repeat abusers, because they are perceived as the 'voice of God'. This deception causes the abused to perceive God as some sort of totalitarian tyrant, instead of a loving Creator. The progression of these abuses has led countless masses not only away from foundational religion, but also away from belief in God altogether. How do we, who are spiritual and who understand the root causes of this blatant evil, help those that have been victimized by those they were taught to wholeheartedly trust?


Join author Deborah G. Hunter on a journey into exposing the evil of spiritual abuse, so that healing, deliverance, restoration, and reconciliation can come to the betrayed and brokenhearted.

 Theresa J. Royal

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Theresa J. Royal was born and reared in Willimansett, Massachusetts and graduated from Chicopee High School where she took Secretary training. Terri, as she is affectionately known, met and married her husband Jim, who was in the United States Air Force. She also became a beautician. After her husband retired from the Air Force, she became a pastor’s wife for 24 yrs. Both Theresa and her husband did voluntary mission's work in Kino Bay, Sonora, Mexico for eleven years. Terri, now a widow, has spent forty years teaching, and still teaches, Ladies’ Bible studies in her nineties.

We honor and deeply respect the wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and experience released through these timeless books. We desperately need the voices of our elders in these difficult and trying times. Thank you, Terri, for your obedience in authoring these phenomenal books that will touch generations to come. 

Purchase today in our bookstore! 

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Whether you are a single parent, a co-parent, a grandparent, or an adult raising children through adoption or fostering, this book will encourage your heart with the many promises of God. His commands and decrees are relevant to helping us fight battles that were never intended for us to fight alone. Exodus 14:14 says, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” God is ever at work in raising up a mighty army in each generation. Will we be faithful to teach our children to walk in His ways and prepare them to ‘Fight Right’? “For our struggles are not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12 Join author Patsy Adkisson on an exciting journey in THE ADVENTURES OF GIDEON’S GANG.

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Patsy Adkisson

The Adventures of Gideon's Gang

Paperback, $19.99

Whether you are a single parent, a co-parent, a grandparent, or an adult raising children through adoption or fostering, this book will encourage your heart with the many promises of God. His commands and decrees are relevant to help us fight battles that were never intended for us to fight alone. Exodus 14:14 says, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”God is ever at work in raising up a mighty army in each generation.


Inspirational  Music 

He Reigns Over All the Earth

Operation Rising Sun: From Seattle to Japan (Seattle Artists United) was birthed as a seed in the heart of C.L. Hunter, Founder of Hunter Entertainment Network in 2010. He felt God was telling him to bring the local Christian artists in Seattle together to do a compilation CD to give light to such a great talent in this area.


"It lay dormant until March 11, 2011 when we met with a Japanese pastor at our church Vision Conference. We met with her to pray about bringing one of our artists there to Japan to minister to the Youth. We prayed and asked God to open their hearts to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Little did any of us know that there was an earthquake and tsunami that had just ravaged the Sendai region of that country?"


"We saw the news that night and fell to our faces. God immediately revealed to us that this was why He impressed it upon his heart to bring the artists together. There was such a bigger plan than any of us could have imagined. God wanted to bring unity to a people and salvation to a nation."



"We immediately prayed and began to ask God what was next and He shared with us to ask an artist on the label to write the song. It was literally written in one day and we were in the studio two days later. Many came out to support and so many called and wanted to be on this project, but were unable to at such a short notice. We truly thank them as well, because their hearts were with us, so they are still a part of this project in our hearts."


"Great struggles and attacks came from every side, but God continued to show us the way and kept us focused on the vision and what He wanted us to do. We have partnered with a wonderful organization, Asian Access, who will be our "hands & feet" to get these donations to the local pastors in Japan to help with food, clothing and supplies, as well as to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We are so very excited for what God is doing in this country and we are humbled that He would choose us for such a project. He truly has received and will continue to receive all the glory."

The song is available for download exclusively on Asian Access, and all proceeds go directly to help support pastors throughout Asia to help rebuild communities, offer much needed aid to locals, and to support persecuted believers. Please also consider sowing into the ministry Asian Access is providing all over Asia. To know that you were a part of God's plan to bring salvation to a nation is an amazing feeling. Share with your friends & family and God bless each of you for your support. Continue to pray for healing, restoration and salvation for the Japanese people, as well as Believers all over the world. 


He Reigns Over All the Earth
Written by Fahren Johnson
Produced/Composed by Derek "DC" Clark for 253 Music Incorporated
Videographer: Isaiah and Latasha Haynes
Published by Hunter Entertainment Network 

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(H) $19.99


The Bride, a Prophetic Manifestation

Deborah G. Hunter

In the Beginning, the Creator fashioned man and woman in the Garden as His glorious Bride. He desired a people He could walk with in the cool of the Day, in fellowship and communion. Upon the fall of man, this covenant was broken, and mankind was now thrust into darkness. Though Father cursed the man and woman for treason, there was still a promise within Creation to "be fruitful, to multiply, to replenish, to subdue, and to have dominion." Man and woman were still able to procreate and fill the Earth as commanded by their Creator. Their earthly union of marriage would solidify and carry on the plan and strategy of their Heavenly Father to populate the Earth. Yet, there was a greater plan set in motion by the Creator to redeem fallen man and to restore him to his rightful position in the Garden. The Christ child was conceived into the womb of the Earth, Emmanuel, God with us. The Son of God became the Son of Man to redeem, restore, and reconcile His Bride back to Himself.


(P) $15.99

El Llamado a la Intercesión

Hay un llamado de atención que se dirige al Cuerpo de Cristo para interceder por las naciones del mundo. Estamos viendo algunos de los peores momentos económicos, sociales y políticos de nuestra historia que se desarrollan ante nuestros propios ojos. La Palabra de Dios nos dice que conoceremos el tiempo de Su venida solo por las señales que vemos a nuestro alrededor. Tenemos que empezar ahora, si no lo hemos hecho ya, a pararnos en la brecha, tomar nuestra posición en las paredes y colocar nuestros puestos en las torres. Hay un mundo perdido y moribundo que necesita que los intercesores de Dios alcen sus voces por la intervención divina. Asóciese con el Creador del Universo para manifestar Su perfecta voluntad en la Tierra, tal como lo es en el Cielo. ¿Vas a contester al llamado?


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Swahili Language Coloring Book
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Men's & Women's Devotionals Volume 2
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Many authors before publishing. dream of becoming a bestselling author. To see our name listed on Amazon, or any other outlet as a bestseller. brings with it recognition, as well as monetary gain, in some cases. Who wouldn't want to be considered a "bestselling author?"...

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